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Our company Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. produces 6"-20" (160mm-400mm) PE plastic ventilation hoses and water hoses for tunnels and mines, also produces 4-20" (70mm-700mm) PE composite high Strength plastic film ventilation duct, flame retardant duct for shipyards, pig houses, aquaculture, factories etc. For example, 20mm-400mm high pressure polyethylene (PE) plastic hoses, civil plastic water hoses,20mm-400mm agricultural polyethylene irrigation and drought-resistant composite high-strength water conveying film hoses.

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Hesper’s composite plastic air duct is widely used in mine tunnel ventilation, shipyard, chemical industry, computer room, civil air defense, electric power, smelter, cement plant, etc., where produce harmful gas, smoke, dust, and heat emission. This product uses a variety of raw materials such as metallocene, EVA, SBS, etc., and uses high-tech to realize the multi-layer composite of the air duct hose, therefore, the advantages of various raw materials are complementary, and the advantages and disadvantages are avoided, so as to achieve light weight, high strength, good toughness, and acid resistance. Alkali, waterproof, anti-smashing and anti-compression, easy to hang and install, thus overcoming the disadvantages of traditional rubber, PVC, canvas and other air ducts, such as heavy weight, easy aging, high cost, and inability to reuse waste products.

Our PE  film layflat water hose : Double-layer composite water belt, using 100% new PE material as raw material, adding toughening plasticizer, SBS and other raw materials, using high-tech to make the hose body multi-layer composite , so that the advantages of various raw materials complement each other, and achieve the advantages of high strength, good toughness, acid and alkali resistance, etc., which greatly reduces the economic expenditure of farmers, thus achieving the purpose of increasing the income of agricultural products.

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