• Filter Press Plate of Filter Press in Different Size

    Filter Press Plate of Filter Press in Different Size

    Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. supply various sizes of filter press plates, size from 400mm to 2000mm, suitable for many kinds of filter press which filter area from 0.6m2 to 1000m2. Our filter press plates’ main material is reinforced polypropylene, that make filter plates have stable chemical properties, strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength, and labor-saving operation,widely used in chemical industry, sewage, light industry, petroleum, manufacturing pharmaceutical, food, metallurgical coal, environmental protection and other fields.

  • Filter Cloth for Filter Press Machine

    Filter Cloth for Filter Press Machine

    Filter cloth is a necessary filter medium for filter press, the common filter cloth size of Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. is between 300-2000mm, can be customized according to different situations. According to the material, filter press cloth normally include 4 types, polyester(terylene/PET), polypropylene (PP), chinlon (polyamide/nylon) and vinylon. Especially the PET and PP material are very popularly used.

  • Hydraulic Rubber Hose Cutting Machine

    Hydraulic Rubber Hose Cutting Machine

    Shandong Hespers hose cutting machines combine advanced cutting technology, their core slice uses special slice.Our dust-free hose cutting machine has the characteristics of high rigidity, small thermal deformation, fast pipe cutting, low wear and no chipping. The balanced feed system is used to make the cutting force more uniform. The unique cushioning mechanism makes the cutting process smoother and safer. Our hose cutting machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of steel wire braided hoses, wire wound hoses, cloth pipes, cotton pipes, etc. Whose diameter in the range of 6-51mm. Our hose cutting machine is an ideal matching equipment for hose repair and manufacturer.

  • Hose Crimping & Skiving Machines

    Hose Crimping & Skiving Machines

    Hydraulic hose crimping machines are suitable for mechanical engineering in the high-pressure hose assembly with hold processing, we(Shandong Hesper) also design and make hose crimping machines for hoses with hold two-way elbow, elbow and large shaped head. According to power and hose diameter, our hose crimping machines have following types: manual type(hand operated hose crimping machine), electric type(horizontal hose crimping machine and vertical hose crimping machine), mobile type(12V mobile van hose crimping machine), hose crimping & skiving machine(all-in-one machine),  we also can customize machines according to your requirements.

  • Hydrocyclone Used For Classifier Gold Copper Silver Graphite

    Hydrocyclone Used For Classifier Gold Copper Silver Graphite

    Hydro cyclone is a high-efficiency separation device which uses centrifugal force to separate two-phase fluids,it has been applied in classification, thickening, dehydration, desliming, separation, washing and other processes. Slurry is fed into the cyclone through the inlet in a tangential or involute direction (depends on how the slurry be fed). Under centrifugal force, large particles will move downwards along outer swirling flow, be discharged through apex as underflow, while fine particles will move upwards through inner swirling flow,be discharged from vortex as overflow.