Characteristic of Hesper’s ceramic lined rubber hoses


Hesper’s ceramic lined rubber hose also called ceramic rubber hose,it is to embed ceramic materials such as alumina in the inner wall of the rubber hose, which has achieved the purpose of wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the ceramic hose.Ceramic rubber hose is a kind of high wear-resistant rubber hose,  our main models are DN25, DN32, DN38, DN50, DN64, DN76, DN80, DN100, also can make large diameter hoses. Our ceramic rubber hose not only retains the softness of the rubber hose, small bending radius, and flexural resistance, but also has following characteristics.

1. Hesper’s ceramic rubber hose has high strength, the reinforcement layer is cord, and the tear resistance is excellent, which can be used before the blast furnace. It plays the role of anti-vibration and noise reduction, and also can be used in place of expansion joints to prevent pipeline resonance.

2. Ceramic rubber hose’s body is soft and easy to connect, can be connected by clamps, which can realize rapid installation and disassembly during equipment maintenance and replacement, saving time and reducing production costs.


3.There are many specifications and models of ceramic hoses, which are represented by DN. Some models are listed above, and they can also be made into large-diameter products, such as DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, etc. Their working pressure ranges from 0 kg to 25 Kilograms can be chosen. Their connection method can use clamps, flanges, hammer unions, high pressure unions, etc., but high wear-resistant materials should be used when selecting joints.

4. Application: widely used in thermal power plants, cement plants, concentrators, anti-corrosion chemicals, coal powder and slurry transportation systems, and also used on ships for dredging sand suction in port and river, concrete pump trucks, and so on.

5.Because ceramic rubber hose is  high temperature and wear resistance, it can be used to convey pulverized coal in front of the furnace and convey various powders with sharp edges and corners. Its service life is much longer than that of ordinary wear-resistant rubber hoses.

Post time: Aug-02-2022