Features and applications of Hesper fabric expansion joints

Hesper fabric expansion joint is mainly composed of non-metallic ring belts, heat insulation materials and steel structures. The non-metallic ring belts are optimized and combined with fiber fabrics, silicone rubber, fluorine materials and other non-metallic materials with excellent performance. The non-metallic fabric expansion joints which produced by Hesper have square, circular, single-turn, double-turn, angular and other structures. They can absorb axial, lateral, oblique and other displacements at the same time, and can meet all aspects of user requirements. If products with special specifications are required,we also can design and produce according to customers’ requirements.


The main features of Hesper fiber fabric expansion joint features are as follows:

1. Compensation for thermal expansion: Fabric expansion joint can compensate for multi-dimensional directions, which is much better than metal expansion joints that can only compensate in one dimension.

2. Compensate installation errors: Since system errors are inevitable during the pipeline connection process, non-metallic fabric expansion joint can better eliminate installation errors.

3. There is no reverse thrust. Since the main body material is non-metal, there is no thrust transmission. Using non-metallic fabric compensators can simplify the design, avoid the use of large supports, and save a lot of materials and labor.

4. Good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance: The fluorine materials and organic silicon materials used have good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

5. Good sealing: There is a relatively complete production and assembly system, and the non-metallic fabric expansion joint has basically no leakage.

6. Lightweight, simple structure, easy to install and maintain.

Applications of Hesper facbric expansion joints:

1. Boiler plant 2. Cement plant 3. Steel plant, smelting furnace, incinerator 4. Thermal power plant and nuclear power plant 5. Air conditioning and air supply system 6. Glass and mineral wool industry 7. Petrochemical enterprise 8. Air and gas cleaning factory 9. Fan factories and any place in industry where there is pressure and require high flexibility and flexibility, expansion joints must be installed.

Post time: Jan-02-2024