Features and applications of sand suction discharge rubber hose

Sand suction discharge rubber hose is one kind of Hesper’s large diameter rubber hoses, it is often used to absorb impurities such as silt and sand, and so on.


Features of sand suction discharge rubber hose:

1. The inner of sand suction discharge rubber hose is smooth, not easy to accumulate particles, and easy to clean.

2. Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-pressure resistant, can be used in harsh environments.

3. Good flexibility, easy to bend and manipulate, can adapt to different usage scenarios.

4. High tensile strength, not easy to deform.

5. Long service life, not easy to damage, can be used many times.

6. Sand suction discharge rubber hose can be used in conveying corrosive media and has good low temperature resistance

7. Using high-quality raw materials, the product has good wear resistance, and its quality is stable and reliable

8. Various specifications and models can be produced according to different customer requests.


Applications of sand suction discharge rubber hose:

1. Sand suction: In mines, construction sites, docks, etc., the sand is sucked to the target location through rubber hoses for subsequent processing or cleaning.

2. Oil pollution recovery: At sea, in ports or other places, oil spills are sucked to ships or cleaning vehicles through sand-absorbing rubber hoses to reduce environmental pollution.

3. Mud pumping: The mud pump mixes the mud, pumps the mud out from the bottom of the well through the sand discharge rubber hose. According to different customer needs, we can choose different specifications and models.

4. Suction and dredging: pumping the water which contains a large amount of sediment and solid impurities into the drainage system. Sand suction discharge rubber hose can be used in the dredging work of rivers, seas and lakes, as well as in the excavation and transportation of coal mines, oil and gas.

5. Mining: sand discharge rubber hose is used to pump sediment from the mine during mining, so as to reduce the pressure of the mine and solve the problem of mine drainage.

6. Construction materials: Sand discharge rubber hoses are used for pumping mud in construction materials, such as bricks, concrete, etc.

7. Cleaning work: When cleaning drainage pipes, sewage treatment equipment, etc., the cleaning liquid is sucked into the cleaned equipment by rubber hoses for cleaning.

Sand suction discharge rubber hose not only has a wide range of applications and good performance, but also has the advantages of long service life, strong adaptability, and convenient operation. It is an effective, environmentally friendly, and economical tool that can improve future work efficiency and work quality. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Post time: May-25-2023