Features for rubber expansion joints


The pipe expansion joint is a compensation connector for the dimensional change caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction. Usually there are two kinds of expansion joints, one is a rubber expansion joint, and the other is metal expansion joint. Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic CO., LTD. Provide these two kinds of expansion joints. Expansion joints has following features:

 1. It can reduce the noise transmitted by the structure and has strong vibration absorption ability during working.

2. small size, light weight, good flexibility, easy installation and maintenance.
3. During installation, axial, lateral, meridional and angular displacements can be generated, and it is not limited by the user's pipeline failure and non-parallel flanges.
4. The special synthetic rubber can resistant to high temperature, acid, alkali and oil. Rubber expansion joint is an ideal product for chemical corrosion-resistant pipelines.


5. Metal pipe expansion joint’s main features are large expansion compensation, can afford high temperature and high pressure.

There are strict regulations during the steel expansion joints installation. During installation, should pay attention to the setting and force of the fixed bracket. When pressing, the telescopic end of the expansion joint should not be pulled out due to the cracking of the fixed bracket; the design department must design and install, otherwise the pipeline will be prone to problems. 

Pay attention to the setting distance of the guide bracket. The first guide bracket should be installed at a distance of 4D (4 times) from the expansion joint, and the second guide bracket should be installed at a distance of 14D from the expansion join, the three points can be set arbitrarily.

Post time: Feb-23-2022