Applications of hydro cyclone in actual production

Hydro cyclone is one of Shandong Hesper ‘s main products, we also support customize hydro cyclone group according to customer’s requests. The use of hydro cyclone greatly reduces the time of valve modification and replacement, improves the safety and stability of the supporting equipment’s operating system, reduces workers’ labor intensity, and saves equipment’s maintenance cost.

What are applications of hydro cyclone in actual production?

news1.Counter current washing function.

Cyclones are connected in series, overflowing, dilution and concentration are circulated, finally obtain high-purity liquid or solid. This function is mainly used in the production of starch, citric acid and cobalt oxide.

2.Solid recovery function

Hydro cyclone also has a significant role in the recovery of solids. At present, hydrocyclone has been widely used in the recovery of mineral fine crystals and metal materials.

3.Grinding and grading functions

In the grinding process, it is not easy to get the grinding overflow product, but when the hydrocyclone is put in, the problem has been solved. Compared with traditional spiral classifiers, hydro cyclone is more effective in increasing pulp concentration, reducing ore particle size and reducing mill load.

4.Particle sorting function

Separation according to solid particles’ shape, size, density, etc., it is a common operation in industry, and hydro cyclone can achieve this goal very well. For example, the enrichment of ferberite, the removal of impurities of precious metals, the separation of HC in water, etc.

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Post time: Jun-14-2023