Factors which can let you find the right hydrocyclone

Hydro cyclones are widely used in industrial production, it’s one kind of Hesper’s polyurethane products. For example, in the field of ore grinding, hydro cyclones are used to achieve the classification and separation of ores.Shandong Hesper produce various of hydro cyclone, its material except polyurethane, also has EPDM rubber and ceramic, can choose and customize according what medium will used to. The selection of hydro cyclone need to consider a number of parameters.

the right hydrocyclone1. Design variables of hydro cyclone.

The design variables of the cyclone generally include cyclone’s cylinder diameter, feeding inlet diameter, overflow diameter, and the height of the overflow port.

2. The underflow and overflow requirement parameters of the cyclone refer to the flow rate, concentration and particle size related to the underflow overflow, including the overflow density or solid content of the cyclone, the underflow density or solid content, cycle load, process control constraints, etc.

3. Process parameters of hydro cyclone

When the hydro cyclone is used for closed-circuit grinding, the process parameters to be provided include the concentration, viscosity, solid specific gravity, liquid specific gravity, solid content, solid particle density, and solid particle of the imported slurry required by the cyclone. Particle size distribution, solid material handling capacity per unit time of the cyclone, ore feeding rate, slurry throughput, particle size required for grinding, and pH of the slurry, etc.

4. Installation method of hydro cyclone

The commonly used installation methods of hydro cyclones are vertical installation and inclined installation. The vertical installation of the hydro cyclone is suitable for the working conditions with large fluctuations in feed material and large changes in cycle load, but it has serious wear on the sedimentation nozzle. The inclined installation of the hydro cyclone is more suitable for the constant underflow of variable circulation load, which can reduce the wear of the sand settling nozzle, but the performance is poor in the high concentration circuit.

5. Other reference factors for hydro cyclones

During the design process of the hydro cyclone, we also need to understand the grinding purpose of the user unit and the subsequent process, so as to better ensure the better recovery of useful minerals in the subsequent process.

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Post time: Jan-19-2023