Features of flexible metal hoses

With the modern development, the demand for the high temperature and high pressure resistance metal hoses is increasing. Metal hose as the main pressure-containing parts installed in pressure pipelines, meanwhile it acts as

a sheath for the conveying fluid and the pipeline. Flexible metal hose is an important element in modern industry. With the advancement of modern society and the advancement of science and technology, flexible metal hoses have been widely used in our production and daily life, such as wires, cables and cable protection pipes for automated surface signals and civil shower hoses, and so on.


Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co. Ltd. Produce and supply many kinds of metal hoses, such as: stainless steel metal hoses, PVC or silicone coated metal hoses, food grade flexible metal hoses, PTFE/Teflon lined metal hoses, also can customize according to customers’ requests. Our metal hoses have following advantages:


1. Better flexibility between metal hose pitches.


2. Flexible metal hose has good flexibility, no obstruction and blunt phenomenon.


3. Metal hose is lighter in weight and has good caliber consistency.

4. Flexible metal hose has good flexibility, repeated bending and flexibility.

5. Flexible metal hose has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

6. Metal hose is anti-rat bite and good wear resistance, which can effectively prevent the internal wires from being worn.

7. Metal hose has strong bending resistance, tensile performance and lateral pressure resistance.

8.Metal hose is soft and smooth, and it is easy to locate the threading device.

Above are advantages for our metal hoses, except metal hoses, Shandong Hesper also produce and supply variety of rubber hoses(like hydraulic hoses, steam hoses, industrial hose,etc), PU products, expansion joints,you want more details or have queries, please contact us.

Post time: Apr-19-2022