Features of Welded Hydraulic Hose Fittings


The hydraulic hose fittings is only an auxiliary part, and it needs to used with hoses. With people's continuous research on hydraulic pipe fittings, there are many types of hydraulic hose joints on the market. Among many hydraulic pipe joints, welded pipe hardware is the most common product. When working with pipe fittings, it needs to be reinforced by welding to ensure that the hose and hose hardware is firmly bonded together and will not be easily loosened. For welded hydraulic hose fittings, has following features:

Feature 1: better sealing and tightness

As long as the welding quality is high, the hose and welded hose fittings can be firmly adhered together, and will not be easily loosened, achieving excellent sealing and ensuring the smooth flow of hydraulic oil. Under normal conditions, the hose fitting body and the pipeline will be sealed with a corresponding sealing ring to further strengthen the sealing effect.


Feature 2: Inconvenient to assemble and disassemble

Once the welded pipe fitting is installed on the side of the hose, it becomes relatively troublesome to disassemble, which has very difference from the bayonet pipe joint. Since the hose fitting is connected with the hose, if it is disassembled it, the damage to the hose is serious. Therefore, once a welded pipe fitting is selected, we need to ensure that it will not be disassembled in the future.

Post time: Jan-12-2022