How many degree steam hose can withstand


How many degree of high temperature steam hose can withstand? That will depend on the material of steam hose. Nitrile rubber is resistant to 120 ℃, silicone rubber is resistant to 180℃, fluorine rubber is resistant to 180 degrees, and fluorine is 220℃.

Rubber hose mainly refers to the hollow tubular products processed by the inner, outer rubber layers and skeleton layers for conveying air or other inert gases, water or other neutral liquids. The rubber hose material of each part mainly includes inner layer rubber, cloth wiper rubber, filling rubber (intermediate glue) and outer layer rubber.


The inner layer of the rubber hose is the working surface for conveying the medium, and it is also the part with harsh use conditions.The temperature of the medium which conveyed by the steam hose is relatively high, so the inner layer adhesive is required to have good heat resistance.

For Shandong Hesper’s steam hose, our common inner material is EPDM, EPDM is a homogeneous reaction which can dissolve both the product and the solvent of the monomer and catalyst system. Usually, straight-chain alkanes such as n-hexane are used as solvents, and V-A1 catalyst system is used. It is 0.4~0.8MPa, and the mass fraction of the polymer in the reaction product is generally 8%~10%.

Steam hose’s features: The inner and outer layers of the temperature-resistant hose are made of synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance. The temperature-resistant hose body is soft, light, flexible, and has high heat resistance. The application of the temperature-resistant hose in iron products Saturated vapor pressure of braided layers.

Steam hose’s  application: The temperature-resistant rubber hose is also called steam hose, which is used to transport saturated steam or superheated water at 165℃~220℃.

Except EPDM inner steam boiler, we also have other hoses made by other materials which can withstand more higher temperature than EPDM, also can customize according to your requests. Welcome to contact us.

Post time: May-12-2022