How to adjust Hesper hydro cyclone

Hydro cyclone is one kind of Hesper’s main products, we can design and produce proper cyclones or whole group of hydro cyclone group according to your requests. Cyclone is a commonly used separation and classification equipment, but many people don’t know much about how to adjustment the equipment during common use, Let’s take a brief look at it.


If the classification size of the cyclone is too large, part of the ore slurry will enter the subsequent process, causing abnormal operation of the concentration and filter press circuit, thereby the entire cleaning system can’t working properly. If the classification particle size is too fine, the underflow concentration of the cyclone will be reduced.

Hydro cyclone adjustment method: Cyclone adjustment is mainly achieved by changing the feed speed and the size of the bottom flow outlet. The size of the bottom flow opened has a great influence on the underflow concentration. During operation, care should be taken to make the bottom air flow rotate in an umbrella shape and maintain the midpoint air column in the cyclone separator. In order to reduce the size of the classification, the feed amount and underflow can be increased accordingly, or the feed amount and underflow flow can be slightly increased, and the underflow concentration will be reduced.

In actual use, the bottom flow size is adjusted according to the design characteristics and the operating rules of the hydro cyclone. Only understanding the influence of the cyclone on the production process, we can effectively adjust it to achieve the desired classification effect.

Meanwhile, we should also be noted that the rest of the cyclone must operating normally, including ensuring the stable feeding performance of the cyclone, which is the main guarantee for obtaining good technical indicators. Avoid connecting the bottom port of the cyclone directly to a closed duct, because the atmosphere of the cyclone and the midpoint air column cannot communicate freely, the shape of the air column is unstable, which will destroy cyclone’s normal flow state.

Cyclone is commonly used classification devices for mineral processing in industrial enterprises. Cyclones are also often used for pulp classification, sorting, concentration and desizing in enterprises. When the cyclone is used as a classification device, it is mainly combined with the mill to form a grinding and classification system. If you want to know more or in need, contact us freely.

Post time: Sep-08-2023