How to choose Hesper double flange limit dismantling joint

Double flange limit joint is one kind of Hesper metal expansion joints, is a device widely used in pipeline connection. It has limit and expansion functions, can protect the pipeline from mechanical stress and temperature changes. When selecting and using double flange limit expansion joints, you need to consider the following characteristics and selection requirements:

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1.Material: The material of the double flange limit dismantling joint should match the material of the pipe, to ensure good connection and corrosion resistance. Hesper commonly used materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

2.Expansion amount: Hesper double flange limit dismantling joints have different expansion amounts to meet the needs of pipelines with different lengths and temperature changes. When selecting, the appropriate amount of expansion and contraction should be selected based on the design length of the pipeline and the environment.

3.Limiting function: Hesper double flange limit expansion joints have limiting function, which can limit the displacement and vibration of the pipeline and prevent excessive deformation or damage of the pipeline. When selecting, a joint with good limiting performance should be selected to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

4.Pressure level: Hesper double flange limit expansion joint is suitable for different pressure levels, including low pressure, medium pressure and highpressure. When selecting, appropriate joints should be selected according to the pressure level of the pipeline, to ensure its stability and safety.

5.Environmental adaptability: double-flange limit dismantling joints should have good environmental adaptability, be able to work normally in different temperatures, humidity and corrosive environments. When selecting, the environmental adaptability of the joint should be considered to ensure its long-term stable operation.

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In summary, double flange limit dismantling joint is an important pipe connection equipment with various characteristics and selection requirements. When selecting and using, comprehensive considerations should be made based on actual needs and pipeline conditions, to ensure its performance and safety. If you are not sure which is the proper one for you, contact us freely, according to the actual situation, we can give you suggestions, also can design and customize for you.

Post time: Dec-21-2023