How to improve sandblasting rubber hose’s service time

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We(Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd.) make various of rubber products, like sandblast rubber hose is one of our rubber hose product.Wear-resistant sandblast hose is the wearing part of the sandblasting machine. In order not to affect the work, the user usually needs buy more wear-resistant sandblasting hoses as spare parts. How to maintain to maximize the service life of wear-resistant sandblasting hoses?

Maintenance of wear-resistant sandblast rubber hose in use:

1. The sandblasting machine should be placed away from the sun to prevent sandblast hose from being damaged by sunlight and accelerate the aging of sandblast hose.

2. When sandblasting machine is working, the pressure should not be too large. Excessive pressure of the sandblasting machine will not only affect the blasting quality of the workpiece, but also the flow rate of the sand will be faster if the pressure is too high, the impact force of the wear-resistant sandblast hose will also increase, and the wear of the sand pipe will be accelerated.

3. Sandblasting hose should be hung as much as possible to avoid lying on the ground, so as not to be stepped on by passers-by.

4. Do a good job of repelling rats in the workshop to prevent the wear-resistant sandblasting pipe from being damaged by rats.

Maintenance of spare abrasive blasting hoses:

1. In order to prevent the hose body from being compressed and deformed when the sandblast hose is stored, the stacking of the hose should not be too high. Generally, the stacking height should not exceed 1.5m. It is also required the hose should be “stacked” frequently during the storage process, generally not less than one time per quarter

2. The warehouse where sandblasting hoses and sandblasting machine accessories are stored should be kept clean and ventilated, and the relative temperature of wear-resistant sandblasting hose should be lower than 80%. The temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -15 and +40°C, and the hose should be protected from direct sunlight and rain and snow.

3. The sandblast hose should be stored as relaxed as possible. Generally, sandblasting hoses which inner diameter of less than 76mm can be stored in rolls, but the inner diameter of the rolls should not be less than 15 times the inner diameter of the sandblasting hose.

4. During the storage of sandblast hose, it should not be in contact with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent or other corrosive liquid and gas, sandblast hose should be at least 1 meter away from the heat source.

5. During the storage period of the sand blasting hose, it is forbidden to stack heavy objects on the hose to prevent external extrusion damage.

6. The storage time of the wear-resistant sandblasting hose is generally not more than two years, and it should be used from the first storage to prevent the quality of the sandblasting hose from being affected by the long storage time.

Post time: Aug-24-2022