How to select the right metal expansion joint

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We Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. also produce and supply expansion joints, according to the material, our expansion joints can be divided into 3 types: metal expansion joints, fiber expansion joints and rubber expansion joints. Metal expansion joints is mainly composed by metal bellows and components which plays the compensation function in the power or thermal pipe network, it plays the compensation function in the connection between equipment and equipment. Metal expansion joints can compensate for the axial expansion and contraction of the pipeline which caused by the temperature difference. The thermal deformation and mechanical deformation caused by the angle change can absorb various mechanical vibrations, which can reduce the deformation stress of the pipeline and improve the service life of the pipeline. Following are factors need to consider when choosing the metal expansion joints:

1. State.according to the state of the hose when it is used, refer to the correct use and installation method of the metal hose and the length of the hose during settlement compensation. Factors such as the calculation of the length of the hose in various motion states, the lower limit of the number of bending times and the lower limit of the bending radius, etc., the parameters of the hose length are correctly selected and installed correctly.

2. Size, the nominal diameter of the hose, the type and size of the corrugated expansion joint, and the length of the hose.

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3. Pressure, according to actual working pressure of the metal expansion joint,check the nominal diameter and pressure gauge of the corrugated expansion joint to decide use which stainless steel mesh sleeve type.

4. Medium, according to the medium which conveyed in the hose, and the corrosion-resistant performance parameter table of the hose material determine the material of each part of the hose.

5. Temperature, the working temperature and range of the medium in the metal corrugated compensator; the ambient temperature when the hose is working. When the temperature is high, the pressure after temperature correction must be determined according to the working pressure and temperature correction coefficient of the metal expansion joint, determine the correct pressure level.

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Post time: Mar-16-2022