Precautions for Rubber Hose Storage

The storage period of rubber hose should be as short as possible, generally, the longest storage time of bulk hose(pipe) is 4 years, and the longest storage time of rubber hose assembly is 2 years, should follow FIFO(first in, first out) principle. The exact storage will be different according to storage environment, rubber hose type and materials.

When the rubber hose is stored, it should be placed separately according to different varieties and specifications. Do not mix them and separate mark them with cards.

Generally, the storage place of the rubber hose should be kept clean and ventilated, the relative humidity should be below 80%. The temperature of the storage place should be kept between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, and the rubber hose should be protected from direct sunlight and water.

If the rubber hose needs to be stored temporarily in the open air, the site must be flat, the rubber hose should be placed in a neat and flat manner, and the cover must be placed underneath, without stacking weight. At the same time, the rubber hose must not come into contact with the heat source.

Rubber hose should be stored away from the sun and strong artificial light source, should be stored in a state as loose as possible, generally, rubber hose which inner diameter above 76mm should be stored at straight state.

If the rubber hose need to be stacked, the stacked height should be limited, to prevent permanent deformation occurred to the bottom rubber hose. And during the storage period, rubber hose should be "inverted"  during storage, should be not less than once a quarter.Strictly forbidden to pile heavy objections on the rubber hose body, to prevent external extrusion and deformation.

The rubber hose storage temperature should be between 0℃and 35℃, preferably around 15℃,  the temperature should not exceed 50℃ or lower than -30℃, and there should be no abnormal fluctuations. When there is a heat source near the storage area, the distance from the heat source should be satisfied the above requirements. The relative humidity in storage should not exceed 65%.

 When storing the rubber hose, do not contact with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent or other corrosive liquid or gas,  and keep it away from the heat source by 1m.

In the storage area, there should be no equipment which can generate ozone, such as mercury vapor lamps (tubes), high-voltage equipment, motors, or other equipment that may generate electric sparks (charges).

Near the storage area,there should be no equipment which generates electric or magnetic fields, to prevent changes or fluctuations in the electromagnetic field from inducing currents in the metal joints and generating heat over time.

In addition to the above requirements during storage, for special rubber hoses (such as food grade hoses, etc.), inside of the rubber hose should be kept clean to prevent the hose being contaminated.


Post time: Oct-17-2021