PU conveyor belt cleaner belt scraper

PU conveyor

The polyurethane cleaner is mainly used to clean the sticky material and sundries which on the front and back of the belt. The cleaner plays an important role on the conveyor. The production and transportation equipment of coal mines, electric power, steel, petrochemical and other enterprises rely on it to clean.The cleaner plays a decisive role in improving the operating efficiency and reliability of the belt conveyor, reducing equipment failure rate and reducing maintenance costs. An effective cleaning system can clean the roller surface and adherents on the bottom of the conveyor belt, prevent the conveyor belt from deviating, extends conveyor belt and accessories’ life time, and prevent accidents. Polyurethane cleaner(PU cleaner) is a necessary accessory for belt conveyor.  This kind of sweepers are the main parts of belt conveyors that are widely used in steel, mining, docks, power plants and other industries.

Polyurethane scrapers have high wear resistance, aging resistance, solvent resistance, and long service life. Depending on their use environment and hardness, it has a wide choice: products with different hardness and different materials are selected for different working conditions. Polyurethane scrapers, also called PU scrapers, are used on coal and chemical conveyor belts to remove adhering ash and powder materials, such as coal transportation, fertilizer transportation, and sand transportation.

The super wear-resistant polyurethane composite material is twice service life of ordinary polyurethane, and has excellent wear resistance.

PU conveyor 2

The service life is 5 times that general rubber and plastic products. Can be customized according to customer drawings. PU scrapers which produced by our company are all made by casting. Various types of products have easy installation, maintenance, debugging, no damage to the belt, no holding, no sticking, good cleaning effect, good toughness, good straightness, and high Features such as wear resistance.

Post time: Jan-06-2022