Use and Maintenance of Rubber Hose

General requirements

1. According to the conditions of use, select the right type and size of the rubber hose to prevent misuse and substitution. It is strictly forbidden to use low pressure rubber hose instead of high pressure rubber hose, or use ordinary (air or water) rubber hose instead of special hose which used for transporting acid (alkali) or oil and other corrosive media.

2. For rubber hoses which transport acid (alkali), oil and other media, should be removed the media in the tube and cleaned in time after each use, to prevent the residue erode the tube body.

3. If rubber hoses used seasonally, must be cleaned and stored properly after use.

4. The rubber hose should be handled carefully during use, should not be dragged on sharp and rough surfaces, should not be bent or squeezed, can be protected by spring sleeves or braided net sleeves if necessary.

5. When using the rubber hose, on the outer surface of the hose, should be avoided contact with corrosive substances such as acids (alkali), oils and other organic solvents, and prevent the hose from contacting any hot surfaces.

6. When the rubber hose is used under pressure, the pressure should be gradually increased to avoid sudden pressure increase and excessive pressure fluctuations, and use it under the designed pressure

7. After the rubber hose is stopped using, should check whether has local mechanical damage, whether has damaged at the end of the hose, the body, and the rubber layer, to prevent accidents when the hose be used again.

8. The materials conveyed by the rubber hose and the ambient temperature should not exceed the temperature range specified or recommended by the supplier.

9. The rubber hose should not be used under the minimum bending radius which specified or recommended by the manufacturer, so as not to hinder the passage of the conveyed material or damage the hose assembly, and avoid bending or bending near the hose joint.

10. The rubber hose should not be twisted during use, and is generally not used in a stretched state.


Post time: Nov-08-2021