Use and maintenance of chemical hose

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We(Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd.) make various of hoses, for chemical hoses, except chemical rubber hose, we also make composite hose(which also widely used for chemical medium). Chemical composite hoses mainly use new materials, new process and technology, through composite loose winding and polymer membrane sealing, has obvious advantages over other traditional rubber and metal hoses.

Which kind of chemical hose is selected according to different chemical medium, the use of chemical hoses must pay attention to the following points:

1. When using chemical hose, you must choose a chemical hose which can match the conveying medium.

2. After using the chemical hose, the residual medium in the chemical hose must be emptied, and use water or corresponding detergent according to the conveying medium to clean it .

3. After cleaning, dry it and store it in a cool and dry place according to the radius of curvature of the relevant data.

4. Before storage, both ends of the chemical hose should use quick connector protective cover to keep clean of the chemical hose inside. 

5. When laying chemical hoses, the ground should be cleaned to avoid sharp objects.

6. Avoid cross-use of chemical hoses when conveying different media to avoid accidents.

7. When using chemical hoses, if the medium being conveyed is flammable and explosive, the metal joints of chemical hoses and conductive wires must be grounded to avoid electrostatic accumulation and deflagration during transportation.

Post time: Sep-08-2022