Why Hesper hydro cyclone need lining

Shandong Hesper Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. can produce and customize hydro cyclone groups for our customers, also can customize various of spares for hydro cyclone and various of polyurethane products(like PU roller and PU liner for conveyor).

Cyclone lining is made by wear-resistant material used in cyclone separators, usually made of polymer materials, polyurethane, silicon carbide(carborundum) or ceramics. These lining materials have high strength and good wear resistance, are able to withstand high-speed impact and friction in the intense centrifugal fields used in cyclone separators.

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The main function of the cyclone lining is to protect the shell and internal structure of the cyclone separator, and prevent the surfaces in contact with materials from being worn and damaged. These lining materials also have good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, allowing them to withstand chemical conditions such as high temperatures and high pH levels in cyclone separators.

When selecting a cyclone lining, you need to make a selection based on the specific purpose and use conditions of the cyclone. For example, some polymer material linings have antistatic and flame retardant properties, are suitable for handling flammable and explosive materials; while some ceramic linings have higher hardness and wear resistance and are suitable for handling hard materials.

Silicon carbide cyclone lining is a wear-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and corrosion-resistant lining material. It is usually used in cyclones to improve the wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance of the equipment. Recently more and more customers prefer to choose it, especially for Apex, will longer the spares service life.

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Post time: Nov-01-2023